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Brousse's A Child's World
411 W College St
Lake Charles, La 70605

Brousse's was opened by R.T Brousse in 1948. Operating out of his home, Mr. Brousse built wooden toys for the children in the area. Demand soon exceeded capacity, so Mr. Brousse began purchasing product from Radio Flyer.

Mr. Brousse's property was needed for the construction of Interstate 10. As a result, he built a building at 2010 Enterprise Blvd in Lake Charles in 1954 or 1955.

Charles E. Gassier managed Brousse's Toyland for 25 years for Mr. Brousse.

Mike and Brenda Goldman purchased Brousse's in 1980. and operated it until the business was sold in September 2006 to Life A Bloom, LLC.

Life A Bloom, LLC is owned by CJ and Yvonne LeJeune, daughters Christa Tremie and Charla Adams and niece Ashley Plauche.

Today, we are striving to continue the tradition of providing Southwest Louisiana and Southeast Texas with the finest in children's traditional toys, children's fine furniture, coming home outfits, christening gowns and memorabilia and a year round selection of school uniforms.

Please come by and visit, have fun shopping, revive childhood memories, and by all means continue on the traditions of generations past and create new ones!

Brousse's A Childs World - where memories are made!

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